Results Driven Consulting

In any non-profit, it’s easy for the mission to be overshadowed by the mundane work of just keeping afloat.  But the mission has to drive everything you do and every decision you make. If you’re stuck in a holding pattern and can’t see the way forward, it’s time to get a fresh perspective – and that’s exactly what I offer: a CLEAR, unbiased look at your organization as is, and a plan for moving FORWARD.


My business is aimed mainly at nonprofit Executive Directors, mostly because the health and success of an organization is sourced at the top. I do work with fundraisers and senior staff  as well, please reach out to me if you have something in mind.


Here’s a snapshot of the consulting services I offer:


1-To-1 Consult


This is a great place to start your work with me. Bring all your concerns to the table and we’ll lay them out and talk about them. I don’t give generic advice and I don’t believe in one size fits all, so you can expect me to address you and your challenges individually. At the end of the consult, we’ll decide if it makes sense to do further work together. Why, you ask? Because a consult is not a solution. It’s a starting point. I may suggest more consulting, or I may suggest attending one of my trainings. Integrity and experience dictates my suggestions.


Burning Issue Consult


Believe me, I know what it’s like to be an Executive Director in the middle of a storm and no one to talk to. It can be a lonely existence, and the worst thing you can do is take it to the Board or staff. I approach consults like this differently than 1-to-1 consults. As much as I prefer a holistic approach, burning issues require unique treatment. That’s what you can expect when you bring your burning issue to me.


Strategy Work


Is it time to re-work your budget, your fundraising, your programming, your organizational processes… or something else? Strategy is my genius work, and it is the source of my success as Executive Director. I look at what you’ve currently got and together, we create a plan based on the result you want to achieve. Strategy work is typically a multi-step process including phone calls and in-person work depending on where you are located.

When I get your inquiry, I will reach out to you.  We’ll set a time to chat. The conversation will be open, thoughtful and respectful. I can promise you will walk away with some new insights. Let’s talk.

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