Sheree Allison

Is your organization living on financial fumes?

Are there people around you with their heads in the sand?

Is your organization starving for money, innovation and growth?

If so, I can help you lead your organization to catalytic cash flow.  As a fundraising architect, I bring a diversified skill set to lift you out of the Fundraising Fog and breathe new life into your mission and vision.  I am here to help you dust off the sand, dig out the treasures and build an organization worthy of more money than you can imagine.

  • I’ve used money to make money.
  • I’ve advertised.
  • I’ve taken risks (sometimes failing, most often winning).
  • I’ve lived with urgency while pondering the future.
  • I’ve invested in fundraising and exploded our bottom line.

Let’s connect to position you and your organization for breakthrough results.