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Attention: Non-profit executives, professionals and volunteers who want to powerfully increase the impact of your Mission

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The Gold Rush Method Revealed: A Proven Step-By-Step Fundraising Method To Increase Your Budget, Exceed Your Goals and Dramatically Expand The Impact of Your Mission

During this powerful and eye-opening digital presentation, you and your organizational colleagues will learn:

check Why the way you currently view your Mission must become more expansive starting immediately – and what will happen as a result
check How a simple paradigm shift tripled donor contributions for Sheree’s organization – and ultimately increased annual fundraising by over 450%
check The Four Pillars of a Seeker Mentality and why they represent the foundation for your Mission’s ability to help more people than you ever thought possible
check Why the Story your organization is telling your donors, your supporters and your community is dictating the exact results you’re currently getting – and how to begin telling a much bigger story for much bigger results
check The nuts and bolts of The Gold Rush System that allowed my organization to grow from $1 Million to $2.5 Million in a couple short years – and how to implement the same strategy for immediate results
check And much more