The Mission Control Panel

The Mission Control Panel

A comprehensive tool for nonprofit leaders who want the secret
to leading a mission-driven and financially solvent organization
(instead of just hoping for one)

Who It’s For

Nonprofit Executive Directors

Wondering how to double your impact this year as leader in your organization AND become a powerful force in the Boardroom? Look no further. Let’s put strategy first this year. The smart way. Not the hard way.

Nonprofit Boards
Tired of the endless pages of text and the volume of reports you have to go through…just to rule on a decision? And THEN finding out later that an important priority in your organization was neglected entirely ? Take a breather this year… without losing your commitment, your intensity or your mind.

It’s A Fact

Nonprofit leaders have the power to make decisions that drive
nonprofit organizations into the stratosphere …or into the ground.

This is a big reason why so many nonprofits end up barely scraping by and struggling to keep
their doors open.

It’s not because their cause isn’t worthy or important.

It’s because decisions were made without knowing the whole picture .

There are two big, ugly mistakes most wellintentioned
nonprofit leaders make when they walk into the Boardroom.

The first is not having current and complete information about the organization available at
their fingertips.

The second is not understanding how making recommendations and decisions based on
incomplete information damages the mission…and ultimately the organization they are serving.

A thriving nonprofit isn’t built by money.
It’s built by DECISIONS.

The Mission Control Panel is a simple, one-page proprietary tool that allows nonprofit leaders to highlight the key priorities of your organization – driving intelligent and informed decision-making. The result is a nonprofit organization that successfully prioritizes and measures both mission impact and performance.

Mission Control Panel

What the Mission Control Panel provides:

A Single Page Visual of Your Organization’s Top Priorities

  • Contains all current information that exists within your organization so that both leaders and staff are knowledgeable and speak confidently about your organization and its mission
  • Provides information on ALL the priorities at the same time so the most important decisions your leaders make are truly informed
  • Prevents competing (and less important) initiatives from trumping the most important decisions that must be executed on your list of 5-8 key priorities

A Balance Sheet That Highlights Your Organization’s Purpose Alongside Performance

  • Is to a nonprofit organization what a thermometer is to a fever…it measures
  • Keeps the mission front and center while the indicators clearly display the organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Reminds your Board to remain focused on the bigger picture of the organization (prevents them from slipping into “operations and management” mode)

An Accountability and Communication Tool for Your Entire Organization

  • Causes an Executive Director to seek the most current status of priorities from the team on an ongoing basis which holds people accountable
  • Puts both staff and leaders at ease because they know they have the right information at their fingertips…allowing them the freedom to speak confidently
  • Reminds the staff of the interconnectedness of their work within the organization…avoiding “information silos”

The Mission Control Panel is ready to use TODAY. There are no prerequisites for implementing it inside your organization. Once you make your purchase, you can immediately download the package to your computer and get started. The instructions are brief and easy to follow.

$XY (Introductory Price Only)


NOTE: The Mission Control Panel is not available for free or for sale anywhere else.

shereeThe Mission Control Panel is created and developed by Sheree Allison, Executive Director of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Boys & Girls Clubs of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. She began over 25 years ago with a small budget, few supports, little community recognition and big dreams. Since that time she has tripled donor contributions, increased annual fundraising by over 450% and currently leads a local force of hundreds of eager volunteers. In addition to the day-to-day running of her organization, Sheree devotes significant energy to consulting, educating and guiding nonprofit organizations and professionals on how to overcome their challenges and powerfully break through the “glass ceiling” of Mission impact.