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Very often, the leadership team of a non-profit is sourced through social channels. As a result, you show up on the first day of the job expecting to get the lay of the land and instead, you inherit a mess and get thrown into the chaos without a clue of what you’re doing. I have often wished that someone would have just taken me aside when I first started out as an executive director and showed me HOW to manage, empower and inspire my team: so that’s what I do now.


Here is a snapshot of some of the training I offer:


Theme Specific Workshops


Group training is my forte and among my favorite work to do. I offer workshops on pretty much all themes in the nonprofit world including Boards, Staff, Fundraising, Leadership, Strategy, Marketing  etc. Many Executive Directors contact me with specific ideas for workshops they want led, and I welcome that.


Whole Org Training


Do you lead a small shop with big dreams (as I once did)? I offer whole org training for shops that are experiencing growing pains all the way up through success pains (yes, it’s a thing). Trainings like this can be one, two or three days depending on your organization’s requests and desires.


Executive Director Bootcamp


Not for the faint of heart, this two (or three) full days of training is the deep work you have yet to do within yourself, your organization and your career. If you’ve ever wondered why the same issues keep showing up no matter where you go, you will discover the answer here. Offered only twice a year, I recommend reserving your seat for this power packed training alongside your colleagues who have dedicated their lives to leading a nonprofit mission to victory.

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