Sheree Who?

It’s well known among my friends and colleagues that strangers are my favorite people. So I’d like to welcome you, stranger! It’s an honour to have you here for a visit. My hope is the words you read here will trigger you to move in new directions – in whatever non-profit organization you are involved in.



So WHO AM I exactly? Good question. I’m an experienced and committed non-profit professional with over 30 years of experience in the sector. I’ve pretty much done every job you can do in a non-profit, from volunteer to board member, but most significantly I’ve served as Executive Director and that is where my real strength lies: non-profit leadership.


But first and foremost: I consider myself a fundraising expert. Let me explain the distinction as I see it… 


In most non-profits, I see the same hierarchy:  at the top is the Board of Directors, then the Executive Director or CEO, then comes the Director of Development, then comes the, etc… Nowhere in this mix do you hear anyone say “My job is to raise money.” In my experience, that is where the problem lies: the critical art of fundraising has been disowned, and I’m here to tell you: good old fashioned fundraising is the key to your non-profit’s success!


When I decided as Executive Director to master the art and science of fundraising – everything changed. I found that my organization achieved better results than those that relied on a designated Director of Development. My model works, and now I teach other shops how to adopt my method and achieve results they never thought possible…

“I work with Executive Directors and Fundraisers who want their Missions to thrive and prosper. Together, we will uncover the stops that hinder your organization’s potential and unleash the Fundraiser you never knew was inside you. You will discover how to work masterfully with a Board and become an amazing leader of the dedicated staff who are charged with birthing a vision that only you can hold. If you want to build a world class organization, I am the one to help you do it.”


As a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), exceptional strategic fundraising has been the hallmark of Sheree Allison’s career. Creating sustainable revenue streams like the Dream Cottage Lottery, Monthly Donors and her acclaimed Gold Rush Method, Sheree exploded the organization’s bottom-line.   The annual budget went from $100,000 to $3.5 million in a community of 25,000. Sheree builds projects that last.  


Leading a nonprofit as an Executive Director takes pure grit.  Sheree Allison stumbled into the job coming from being a school teacher – and her inborn passion and crazy commitment oozed right out of her!  Sheree pioneered the merging of two amazing organizations, Big Brothers Big Sisters/Boys & Girls Club, creating a robust model of youth programs under one umbrella in Miramichi, NB.   With a Masters in Management – Voluntary Leadership, Sheree devotes significant energy to consulting, educating and guiding non-profit organizations and professionals on how to overcome their challenges and do great work!


When I get your inquiry, I will reach out to you.  We’ll set a time to chat. The conversation will be open, thoughtful and respectful. I can promise you will walk away with some new insights. Let’s talk.


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