The Mission Matrix

Finally – A Bulletproof Decision-Making Tool
For NonProfit Organizations To Quickly and
Effectively Implement The RIGHT Ideas

If you’ve had trouble determining which ideas to keep or toss…
If you can’t seem to get a consensus on an idea in your Board room…
If emotion has historically trumped logic when discussing ideas to implement…
You just stumbled upon the solution.

Attention Executive Directors, Board Chairs and Committee Leaders:

How often do you battle slow-as-molasses decision-making inside your organization?
How frequently do you hear, “I think we need more information before we can rule on this?”
How many great ideas have died because opponents squash them without all the facts?
How often does planning grind to a screeching halt because decisions aren’t getting made?
How frequently do you find yourself debating ideas based only on how much they will cost… and nothing else?

If you’re like most nonprofit leaders, your answer to the questions above is likely “all the time”. I know it all too well. Nonprofit organizations have a common practice that I call Delay and Defer when it comes to ruling on ideas. The result is decisions that should get made now are put off for the most obscure reasons. Strong opinions, special interests and external pressure force the questionable (and potentially fatal) decisions through at the last minute. It’s incredibly frustrating and costly for your organization.

So I’d like you to imagine a scenario where money is not the only filter for decision-making within your organization. Where everyone including staff has an opportunity to provide valuable input on an idea. A decision-making process that eliminates bias in favor of more buy-in. And, at the end of the day, you can confidently own the outcome and the decisions that were made.

Who Am I To Suggest Such A Thing?

Fair question. This is my 28th year serving as Executive Director of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Boys & Girls Clubs of Miramichi, New Brunswick in Canada. I was hired when the organization was nothing more than a grungy 2-room rented office space, a land line phone, …and me. Since I began, I’ve grown the organization’s budget from $28,000. to $2.5 Million annually…and it continues to climb every year.

While my organization is a great success today, there were numerous bumps, bruises and casualties along the way. I specifically recall Board meetings where we were hopelessly deadlocked. Meetings where important decisions were delayed month after month, resulting in the predictable eventual death of great ideas. Times when emotion trumped logic, so much that “New Idea Fairies” and “exciting opportunities” were approved – both of which didn’t align with our mission and ultimately produced nothing but a drained bank account and a whole lot of finger pointing.

I Saw Early On That We Would Never Fulfill On Our
Mission If We Couldn’t DECIDE In The Board Room

And even more, we had to collectively make GOOD decisions. In order to do that, we had to know what exactly constitutes a “good” decision. Back then, we had no criteria. No due diligence process. No way to measure. We were a dedicated group of smart people who allowed our humanity, our feelings, our personal agendas, distractions, “pet projects” and external demands rule the day. Can you relate?

As Executive Director, there came a point when I was no longer willing to juggle the idea bombardment from staff, the Board, funders, partners and donors. I refused to continue being a weed picker in the garden of good ideas. So I set out to solve this problem once and for all inside my organization. And I did.

I developed a tool that deals with the facts, rids the emotion and forces a logical decision. A rating system for aligning the key issues, ideas and offerings with the mission. A scoring system that instantly guides the next move. And – without realizing it – I actually developed a surefire way to get buy-in from difficult Board members by asking the right questions. Imagine that YOU were armed with such a tool. Is it possible your organization, too, could reach both your financial goals and mission goals this year?

It’s No Secret Why You Haven’t Solved This Problem Yet –
It Took Me Nearly 15 Years To Solve It Myself

I understand what it’s like to be paralyzed by the volume of ideas and programs that might prove to be money makers rather than mission makers. No doubt the overwhelm you’ve experienced up to this point has stopped you from knowing where to start. Let’s face it – decisions are hard. It’s so much easier to “get to maybe” vs. “get to yes”. The opposition you face in your day-to-day responsibilities has created a situation where you simply give in. Listen, I get it. And it’s very timely that we are being introduced now. Whether you realize it or not, you just stumbled upon the answer to your Board room decision-making woes…

Introducing The Mission Matrix: The #1 Solution For
Nonprofit Organizations That Want To Multiply
Their Results and Expand Their Mission Simultaneously

The Mission Matrix

The Mission Matrix is the only solution of its kind that exists today. It is a proprietary tool that guides you through a simple step-by-step process to facilitate the “weeding through” of ideas – so-so ideas, good ideas, great ideas…and yes, even terrible ideas. The Mission Matrix makes the decision-making process easy and painless. The result is clear, concise and agreed upon decisions made NOW. Not next week. And not at the next Board meeting. NOW.

Here is what you get:

A Foolproof Rating System for the Key Issues in Your Organization

  • A spot on The Mission Matrix for every program, event and/or idea that is brought forward internally or externally (no ideas left behind)
  • A structure for rating each idea against your organization’s mission and resources that deals with the facts and rids the emotion

A Simple Scoring System to Guide Your Organization’s Next Move

  • A “quick list” of easy-to-answer questions that get you to zero in on the benefits and risks of moving forward on an idea
  • A clear method for short-listing great ideas alone or in a group so you can revisit them as your organization evolves

A Clearly Defined Benchmark for Moving Forward on an Idea (or not)

  • A stated “cutoff” number (and why you should never violate it)
  • Guarantees you won’t waste time, money and effort on ideas that have the potential to ultimately drain your organization’s bank account and ignore the mission

A Handy Tool That Has Multiple Uses Within Your Organization

  • For Board meetings to provide immediate context and a realistic framework for decision making (vitally important as Board members don’t see or participate in the day-to-day operations of your organization)
  • For individuals (Executive Directors, Board members, committee members) to keep at your desk, helping you quickly filter the ideas that float your way
  • For front line staff who often come up with some of the best program ideas and can add their valuable point of view to The Mission Matrix

The Mission Matrix is ready to use TODAY. There are no prerequisites for implementing it inside your organization. Once you make your purchase, you can immediately download the package to your computer and get started. The instructions are brief and easy to follow.

$XY (Introductory Price Only)


The Mission Matrix is not available for free or for sale anywhere else. It is a proprietary tool I created myself and it has been nothing short of a miracle within my own organization. If you use it as designed, it will create miracles within your organization, too.

NOTE: The price will increase. If you are reading this now and you are looking for a big boost in your organization’s results this year, make the investment while the price is still low.

I’m truly excited to hear back from you about your results from implementing The Mission Matrix into your organization. To reach me directly, send an email to



P.S. If you’re still on the fence…it’s time to get off. Your future is predictable – which is spending the remainder of your Board room meetings this year trapped in the “idea swirl” with no tangible outcomes. Decide now that this year will be different for you. If you don’t do it for your organization, do it for the mission.