The Most Important Person In Your Nonprofit? Drumroll Please…


The Most Important Person In Your Nonprofit? Drumroll Please…


How would you do your work if you took a minute to reflect on that everything you do is part of a bigger picture?

Every day, you look through a microscope at what’s directly in front of you.

That “little thing” you’re doing matters more than you think.

In a nonprofit, every action you take is like a baton that will ultimately be handed to another person.

Someone else is counting on what you’re doing.

Someone else is coming to that desk after you.

Someone else is wearing that hat while you’re away for a day or a week.

Another driver will be driving that transport vehicle tomorrow. Make sure you leave the gas tank full.

That donor who called today is going to call again looking for an answer to her question. The person covering your desk tomorrow on your day off needs to know. Leave a note letting her know what she needs to communicate.

The Board meeting is coming up, and the Executive Director is going to need a breakdown of what last month’s numbers were. You already know you won’t be in town. Get that data together and have a meeting with her so she is prepared.

A custodian is coming in the morning to assess water damage in the office, and you’re the only one who knows the details. A medical appointment will prevent you from meeting with him. Leave a detailed explanation for the Staff who will stand in for you.

Are you getting all this?

Please stop operating as if you, your knowledge, and your work doesn’t matter.

And please quit letting your colleagues operate that way.

Everyone is counting on you. Including the Mission.

Sheree Allison