Three Little Words

Three Little Words

threelittlewordsIt’s the little words that have the most meaning.

It’s the simple words that often have the most impact.

It’s the heartfelt words that linger in our minds.

Yet in the non-profit sector, we choose to wordsmith our mission and complicate our vision; maybe it’s time to get simple. And simple can start with “I remember you.” As Executive Directors and Fundraisers we seek the new donors, the new board members, the new volunteers, the new funding; maybe it’s time to look around and look back. Remember who has been with you…who are the volunteers, the donors…who have supported you and been there for you? Now it is time to reach back and tell them “I remember you.” A phone call, a handwritten note, a visit… take the time to live the Three Little Words.

It’s more than a thank you. It’s a shared memory. People who have been involved in organizations—for a brief encounter or a long time—need to hear from you. A website, a brochure, a poster are all part of our packaging in the non profit sector; it’s time to unwrap the package and get to the heart of what we do… it starts with making a call to let someone know “I remember you.”