A recognized leader in the non-profit industry for over 25 years, Sheree has developed a reputation as an impact-maker for numerous organizations, helping Executive Directors and their teams 1) get to the heart of what is keeping their highest Mission impact from happening, and 2) formulate and execute a plan for making their greatest Mission impact a reality.

Depending on the exact needs of your organization, working with Sheree typically involves the following:

Conducting one or more on-site or off-site sessions involving the Executive director, board members and key players; and sometimes one-on-one work with any of the preceding roles
A complete analysis of your current development operations with specific, tailored recommendations in all key impact areas
Guidance and support for executive directors and development staff to address issues ranging from fundraising to management — treating the source vs. the symptoms
Dramatically shifting your organization’s ability to raise significantly more money year after year
Consulting tailored specifically to any combination of the above, plus any other organization-specific issues you are currently facing

Sheree is also available for one-on-one work with Executive Directors

New Executive Directors are exciting to work with because an existing precedent is getting married to a clean slate.

Here are the areas Sheree can focus on:

Your first 100 days: What to give & What to get
“I work for a Board”: The Foundation for Success
Leading, Listening, Learning: Your Continuous 3L Loop
Juggler, Wizard and Magician: Managing Your Three Hats

Executive Directors Executive Directors get in sticky situations.

It’s a balancing act and Sheree can guide Executive Directors to get unstuck in the following key areas:

Managing by Dashboard: Keeping focused on the Mission and the Money
Fundraising: Whose Job is it? Yours. Theirs. Ours.
Your Board: Creating Community Within Your Organization
Best Practices: A Day in the Life of an Executive Director in a Small Shop

To inquire about Sheree’s availability to work with your organization to realize your greatest Mission impact, click here to contact her.