Sheree AllisonFor over 25 years Sheree Allison has been a committed professional, leader and visionary within the non-profit arena.  During her years of tenure she has led her own organization to tremendous Mission impact, and shown many other organizations how to achieve the same thing by looking at our collective work through a bold new lens.

Sheree is currently the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters/Boys & Girls Club in Miramichi, an eastern Canadian community of 32,000 people.  She began over 25 years ago with a small budget, few supports, little community recognition and big dreams.  Since that time she has tripled donor contributions, increased annual fundraising by over 450% and currently leads a local force of hundreds of eager volunteers.

Exceptional strategic fundraising has been a hallmark of Sheree Allison’s career; from creating Bowl For Kids, to the Dream Cottage lottery that’s been running for 22 years, to Sheree’s acclaimed Gold Rush Method that took her budget from $1 Million to $2.5 Million annually in just 26 months time, causing explosive growth in existing programs, new programs and the number of children’s lives impacted by the Mission.

In addition to the day-to- day running of her organization, Sheree devotes significant energy to consulting, educating and guiding non-profit organizations and professionals on how to overcome their challenges and powerfully break through the “glass ceiling” of Mission impact.

A Personal Note from Sheree Allison:

Being part of a community is important to me; whether it’s a small neighborhood or a group focused on improving our world, working together with others to bring change is what gets me up in the morning.

I believe every child needs a champion – and mine was my mother. Every day we would share stories. The stories gave meaning to my life.  My mom was able to weave a reason for commitment and caring into every story. As my champion, she imparted two of the greatest gifts: self-discipline and empathy.

My transition into the non-profit sector was exhilarating! A farewell to teaching led me to join the local Big Brothers-Big Sisters agency as full-time Executive Director in 1987. The three “R’s” of school stayed with me: Relationships, Resiliency, Results. I knew I had found my purpose.

My peers in the teaching profession questioned my willingness to accept long hours, countless meetings, demands of fundraising and the challenges of working with a board of directors. Their questions did not deter me.  I had a vision and I witnessed it unfolding each day. I was on a path to make a difference.

This career change afforded me a world of opportunity for creativity, responsibility, risk-taking and fulfillment of my desire to make a difference. The most “human” of all interactions are rooted in the non-profit sector; to do good, to give, to make a difference, to leave the world a better place – it all happens in the non-profit/charitable sector.

Living with passion and purpose is important to me.  I live and model for others “promise and deliver”.  My goal in working with others is to give them the tools and the desire to ultimately succeed without me.

In the work I now do with dedicated clients all over the country, nothing fulfills me more than helping an organization go from surviving to thriving as they watch their Mission impact affect more lives than they ever previously imagined.



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